Letter to Clause Feintuch

Harlan's Letter to Feintuch


Dear Sir,

As I’m uncertain in how this letter might reach you, please accept my apologies in advance for any oddities that may be associated with its delivery. This being said, please give careful consideration to what I’m about to impart.

By careful study of your works, and others of the past, I have been led to some rather disturbing conclusions. No doubt, I am not the first to approach you on such matters. However, I feel I’ve been privileged beyond most concerning certain evidence and could quite possibly convince you were I given the chance personally.

As I feel a need to be discreet in these matters, allow me to say this. Though hatred is held at bay by chains of enlightenment, I fear we may have lost the lock and key that keeps them intact at Erl’s house. Thus, I am worried we are headed into times of prophetic demise. I’m hoping you might shed some light on how to navigate these troubling times, or at least look to our far northern neighbors who have had some past dealings with such difficulties.

There may come a time when I shall be visiting your country and we might come face to face. That time is rather fluid and dependent upon factors out of my control. Until then, I am required to continue my study of the situation by utilizing those resources I have at my disposal.

In Montem Fidei,



Letter to Clause Feintuch

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