Venora Telhn


DOB 12-9-1929
Mother- Myriam
Father- Albert
Sister- Hilda

My earliest memory is my Aunt Hilda coming to live with my family. My Aunt’s husband passed away which is why she came to live with us. I remember my sister and I hanging around the hearth in the evenings visiting with Aunt Hilda.

We live in a town called Taryn by the River where my father is on the town counsel and assistant to the Mayor. Our town is about 80miles from Corenth. The river our town is named after runs by our house.

Around the age of one, my mother goes every spring to be with her religious group in Eaxmere. It is not uncommon that many people traveling through from Corenth and Caredun come by to see my parents even before they stop to see the mayor. They are very well known, liked and respected. We live on a large estate where we raise horses and sheep.

Around the age of 5, my Aunt Hild takes over three rooms in our house with one becoming a large library. Where we spend 5 hours a day practicing our letters and numbers. Where we are allowed to play, we are not allowed to play with the servent children we are raised with a noticeable class distinction. Also about this time I ask for riding lessons and convince my sister to learn as well.

September 1934 (6 years old)
While mom is on one of her spring trips, three men arrive to visit father. They come around twilight in a very nice curtained carriage. They are all very nicely dressed. When they arrive they go into my fathers study for several hours well into the wee hours they all to bed and the next day do it ll again. My sister wants to listen in and convince me to stay with her eavesdropping. We hear chanting which startles my sister making her squeak but it doesn’t seem to call attention to us. We smell burning rosemary and hear names Victor Thorn and Robert Torn. We hear a few exclamations, “it worked!” and “this will be useful”. Victor, the oldest says his wife will be very pleased. The next morning the men leave. Soon after my mother return from her trip.

Me and Hilda continue our education. Learn that Prydwin waged a civil war and separated. The battle of Kingston. We are both introduced to sorcery by mom, dad has no abilities. We learn basic theory other plains of existence and what those plans are. By the end of the year we are learning about different types of energy, most basic positive and negative as well as life energy and moon energy. Unlike the churches belief, magic is very nature and a holy occurrence. it is a product of nature and God. The magic we are learning is not a pure druidic magic, because druids were hunted by the church, the magic has been an amalgam or druidic magic and modern sorcery. Textbooks/tombs are limited magic doesn’t work the same way as 500 years ago, mom attributed this to the God Hern who has some master design that is not always obvious to mear mortals. We are not talk about the sorcery or the druidic magic we are being taught. About 600 years ago, sorcery and magic went away as it has return, it is not the same form as it was before.

At about the age of 8 we are taken across the river about northeast to the city Corinth. This used to be the capital when Venta occupied the island. From the kings road we reach the town called Eaxmere we turn North on the Candlemas road passing a very large forest we arrive a some very rocky land to a ruin called St Malcom and we and my mothers friend set up camp. The second night there are ships that moor out on the reefs and these are the people we are waiting for.

The ships are under full sail, but are not slowing down and are heading for the rocks. They break up on the rocks and there is no evidence of people crying for help or jumping out before. There are dead people floating in the water among the rocks. Mom is very upset and starts down a difficult path to the beach to find bodies floating to the beach. I help mom pull bodies out of the surf it looks as though they have been dead for several days. No obvious signs of pre death trauma or plague they look as though they dropped dead. Mom examines the bodies but there is nothing we can do to stop the boats crashing against the rocks. About dawn mom decides we will leave. There was discussion about what could have happened, plague, scurvy etc but the general consensus is that they will go to Midian which is three days travel. Mother states that the gathering of the cabal is canceled. We go back to Midian the large fortress city built into the side of the mountain. Its a late October night when we arrive. The others go to the authorities and we go check in a tavern. In my room I smell a faint odor of rotting flesh that night I have nightmares of dead bodies floating in the water. WHen I awaken I have this image of vast blackness that is spreading. Mom decides we are going home on the way we see five soldiers in red livery with a tree on there chest lead by a Ventian priest. Along with them are the Black Monks who are known to burn people at the stake that are suspected of practicing our religion. Mom makes an obscene gesture to them and after makes an active effort to avoid them. Mom explains that the Ventian church believes our religion is evil.

After this trip mom begins to train us in the mysteries of our religion that is nature oriented, where I learn to pull the elements from their primary plane of existence. She spends a great deal of time edging in on our regular education with herb and plant lore. I learn to pull the elements very easily, my work with plant lore is going well, but my herb lore training is more difficult how is it really classified? Come on its a freaking plant…whats the difference? This goes on for the next two years of training.

At the age of ten, my mother gives some of my training to a mentor named Isla. She takes a more active roll in my training more hand to hand combat specifically pressure points. As I learn these pressure points by releasing an elemental, heat or cold while doing this I can make it hurt worse.

Venora Telhn

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