Quinlan MacShoen


Born 8/11/1929


Born 08/11/1929 Near Brochnevis, Lothian

Early Life: Is a member of the Wandering bands of players that travel the midlands of Lothian. The troop typically travels from Brochnevis north through the highlands to Ben Duon. From there they travel northeast along the edge of the moors to Loch Umbra. The journey then turns south to Duncanmeir and then onto the a nameless set of ruins. This is the southern most portion of the journey and the troop turns north, skirting the craggy highland peaks until they reach a second set of nameless ruins. Finally the troop returns home. This is done over the course of about 3/4 of a year, starting the journey south at the onset of winter.

Quinlan MacShoen

Primus: The Book of Shadows FrederickCGier