Primus: The Book of Shadows

Signs And Portents II

The Black Monks have been revealed. They are seeking those that partner with the “Dark Powers of
Sorcery and Magic”. Those that have encountered them agree; The Black Monks and their Church Knight leaders are a force to be reckoned with.

The Ventan Church has had nearly three centuries to push their agenda and their one God. The old religions of Ohgma, Hern, Gaia and Mayia have faded into the background; the shadows of society. However there of Mysteries, groups of men and woman that cling to the old ways. The ways that started to perish some seven centuries ago.

Now there is a darkness. Something is growing in the shadows. Glimpses have been seen. It lurks in the dark recesses of tombs. It a flash of imagination, something the blinks in the darkness of a child’s bedroom; it is the flicker at the corner of your eye… and it has a plan.



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