Welcome to The Book of Shadows

This campaign is the sequel to The Book of Days that was successfully run several years ago. Recently I have had several ideas that would make it possible to create a second campaign.

The Primus campaign world is a work that has extended over a decade. There are several real world parallels. Many of the cultures in on Primus mirror real world cultures.

Like its predecessor, The Book of Shadows is divided into two clear parts. The prolog, which is used as a period of character development. Characters begin with their first memories, rapidly progressing through childhood and eventually to a game ready age. At about twenty years of age the characters begin Game Time. In both the The Book of Shadows and The Book of Daysthe prolog is entitled Signs & Portents. During this time characters can not die unless an act of extreme stupidity is performed. Then it is assumed that the character was to stupid to survive and the player will suffer months of ridicule.

When Game Time is reached the switch is flipped and death becomes a very real possibility. This is the meat and potatoes of the game. The major plot lines begin to emerge.